martedì 16 maggio 2017


Liuthianians, otherwise called "Liutranians" or "Jatravarts", are a well known sentient specie diffused also in your Sagittariu's Arm. This sympathic and joyfull race is remembered notably for the fact to have invent the spray can before than the wheel
Cit. D.A.

mercoledì 12 aprile 2017

Happy birthday Kolon on Earth!!!

Happy birthday Kolon on Earth!!! Like master Shaw would say, “Just another Orbit!”, but it's important, because one orbit after the landing we are still here thanks to you! The Human community of Koloners is growing, and an increasing number of humans have contacts of the third kind with the most amazing and entertaining game this side of Lainakea! All this is only possible thanks to you!
To celebrate with you, our dear Galactic friends, we decided to divulge on Earth the beginning of our educational program on Orbital Navigation. Today we start publishing the video tutorials you will need to move your first Orbital steps.
Kalima will lead you in the general introduction to the game. She is our skilled teacher for new Pilots. Later on, other specialists will help you face more advanced and complex stages of the game... but let's do one thing at a time. Most of you still cannot keep the alignment of a Sojuz, this is why today we introduce to you Kalima: 
For sure Kalima's teachings will be precious to those humans who want to finally take off from their little, peripheral planet, but there is nothing better than good old academical study to learn how to build solid and mighty ships. Straight from the Orbital Academy of Betelgeuse, here's for you the technical sheet of the Dragonfly, a smart vehicle from which you could take inspiration for your in-game creations... provided you are strong enough Admirals to maneuver such a ship!
Thanks a lot also to all humans who wanted to challenge orbital space during our last contact of the third kind on Earth, in Rome (Italy), in particular Silverclem, her brother (the one from Rigel), and most of all Admiral Karmelo and the Paradroid. All of them remarkable humans, deserving non-extinction.
Finally, an appeal: Humans, Koloners, wherever you are, don't give up, keep following us, supporting us, sharing the contents we are bringing to Earth for you, and make yourself heard on our social pages. This marvelous game is spreading on this planet only thanks to your Friendship and soon, very soon, it will be in your hands*. Dozens of Koloners are already about to receive their First Earth Edition Kopy, and we keep working like crazy for your Kopy to reach you soon! There are great news ahead. Thanks for all your support.

Kommodore ReK, Almaaz II

* you have hands, right?

lunedì 13 marzo 2017

K.ROME, Play live on Earth now!

Humans from Earth, is a pleasure to announce you the next opportunity for play KOLON live on your planet! The contact (of the third kind) will be on March 19, in Rome (Italy, northern hemisphere, third planet from the star you call "Sol") in Via Vittorio Montiglio 18 at the table number 37!!! we wait you with best regards from all sentient species of the Galactic Council!!
Sign in here, humans!
Admirals or any Pilots are asked to greet martially, military operations in Earth's Orbit will start at 11:02  local A.M. 
and will continue "until the last human".
Following will be published accredited Pilots and  
the outstanding vehicles born ingame.

martedì 28 febbraio 2017

Congratulations humans!

Admirals, Pilots and Ship's Boys of Earth, we have to congratulate with you. In spite
of your primitive instruments, every day you are able to discover new worlds in your
peripheral Galactic surroundings. Luckily for us, you still have no interstellar travel technology. After all, if you mean to ruin the planets in the Galaxy the way you are doing with your, so much the better that you don't!
Most people in the Galaxy believe that you do not deserve evolution, but we want to
teach you to pilot, navigate, mine, reproduce and fight on orbit. Not so much for the good of your own species as for our personal agenda that you would not understand.
And also because the Galactic Council pays us to.

You have no idea which and how many civilizations (at least twenty) watch your little juicy system. For more than 60 Earth years we have been strongly suggesting you to stop chirping about your presence in the Galaxy. The Council cannot be held responsible for the actions of the most external fringes and/or all the large wild empires of the Galactic borders, slackers that you are.

The Kosmos is an endless ocean and for sure you are not the biggest fish*.
*... you call the multicellular being flying in your “oceans” “fish”, right?

So stop immediately waging war to one another or starving one another and 
The Council wants to send you KOLON, a psychosocial instrument. It's a fun game system through which you will evolve by learning the basics of orbital navigation while sitting comfortably around the table at your homes, and starting from your very own technological level.

Aside from important principles of Galactic “etiquette”, such as where to place forks
on a table set in the Dobran system. If you ever go to Dobra it's something you need to know, your life might depend on it. (Dobra hosts a little KOLON tournament and it is not far from you, there might be an UFO going there next Friday from New Delhi).

To improve your knowledge of orbital basics, the Pilot Academy of Betelgeuse is
sending you didactic material about KOLON used in the Kalvok system (sorry but translations are expensive). We believe it is too early for you, too few humans can pilot and these are double set ships, not for beginners for sure. Still we are sure that the Admirals on Earth, both humans and otherwise, will appreciate and remember the good old times on Betelgeuse... (… err... you did know, didn't you?) Here is a very good vehicle design for inspiration in your next fights, 
the Battleship Dobro Goran!
… wish we could have it in a fight...
It seems our Earth community is growing. The Council happily enjoys this. You should be happy too. Be happy! Soon there will be an important vote about you near Sgr-A, which might mean that soon a large number of prototype Kopies of a translation of KOLON for humans might be printed! It would be very important for us (and for your species) if you could show your desire to evolve and have fun by rewarding what we are doing for KOLON and for you with:
a "like" quot on our Facebook page
or by following us on Twitter
… and most of all, talk about it to your Friends, enlist and come play!
It's important for you the way you are important for us.

Our work for you is constant, human Friends. Unfortunately for you, our world is difficult to understand, but based on the great Friendship that joins us we will always come for encounters of the third kind on your planet. This is very important to keep refining the translation of KOLON from Kalvokian to Terrestrial. Last time it happened in
February in the south of Lazio, in Italy, on Earth, boreal hemisphere. We met a
couple dozens of humans and had fun around the tables in the afternoon.
So many New Earth Pilots! Welcome to the Galaxy, human Friends! :D
With the most obsequious homage and heartfelt wishes for a long and joyful
permanence in the cosmos as sentient and monolocated energetic beings from all the
intelligent species on the Galactic Council to your esteemed and honorable species.

sabato 28 gennaio 2017

Common galactic ways of saying

A cousin of mine on Mishinta 16 believes that, since you're about to enter Orbit, you should better know some of the most common galactic ways of saying, so...

“my ears spaghettized listening to you”
used in Zofran systems to refer to especially boring, or interesting, conversations

“it's like you were born on Phrobe!”
same as “you just can't stay still”, normally referred to very lively children or mitosis in the Boron systems (Phrobe is a famous party planet of the Boron confederation, orbiting around a micro-couple of high-frequency black holes. Gravity surges are so frenzied that it's impossible to stay still, you just have to “Phrob”, “jump” endlessly)

“do not joke with Gravity!”
used for good reasons in every system, every galaxy.

“it's harder to go ahead than to go backward”
used in the other half of the galaxy in a specular way. As known even to the street-level sentient creature, right now your Galaxy is spinning around its nucleus at a speed of several kilometres per second. As such, when you travel according to the rotation, it always takes longer to cover the same distance than when you travel in the opposite sense. That's because in the former case your destination is moving away from you, in the latter it's moving toward you.
Obviously, in the other half of the Galaxy the saying is the opposite. All pilots know this.

“going to and fro saves no time”
Loth corollary of the previous way of saying, unfortunately valid in the whole galaxy in the same way, as Admirals know very well.

“die like a human”
it seems that this comes from some pandimensional culture, 
and I believe that humans say  “die like a rat”.
It means being trapped, prisoners of yourselves on a peripheral planet, with no other pastime than bombing or starving one another and poisoning your only living habitat. Many species in the Galaxy placed bets on you humans. You could really avoid dying like humans on your planet! I mean, I don't believe it at all, indeed I placed my bet against you, but “at the top” they seem to believe it, and my job is to tell you that it's possible.

To understand the cartoon you have to know very well this episode of the Human history:

With indescribable joy and unequanimal Friendship, I pay the Galactic Council's respects to your honorable species.

The aspiring novice aspirant:
Cisa Kardashev Von Litus
Mishinta 16
(Ursa Major)
-..   -../'''-..._...-'''\..-   ..-

mercoledì 30 novembre 2016

Roma Est Tournament

ITA: Ammiragli, Piloti e Mozzi più o meno umani della Terra:
Finalmente apriamo il contest per il Veicolo Orbitale più bello, potente, efficiente, insomma "fico" che sia nato in battaglia, in Orbita terrestre,
durante Romaest in gioco del 5/11/2016,
Possono votare tutti (anche i mozzi che nulla sanno del gioco, semplicemente a "gusto")
votate con il nome della nave nel primo commento o con una emoticon e poi fateci 
saperè il perchè del vostro voto :)
Dietro ogni nave c'è una storia, lunga come una partita, fatta di gloria e strategia, colpi audaci e pesanti disfatte. "Non tutti i Piloti vivono abbastanza da diventare Ammiragli"

ENG: Admirals, Pilots and Hubs more or less human on Earth: 
Finally we open the contest for the most beautiful, powerful, efficient, eroic, in short "cool" ship that was born in battle, in Eart's Orbit, during Roma est in game,  11.5.2016
everyone can vote (even the hubs who know nothing of the game, just by "taste")
Rate with the name of the ship in your first comment or by emoticon,
 then let us know your reasons :)
There is a story behind every ship, as long as a game, made of glory and strategy, bold strokes and heavy defeats. "Not all Pilots live enough to became Admirals"
Do not forget to Like us on FB and follow on TWTTR
we are a real crowdfunding project. 
Help us to bring this "not only terrestrial" game on Earth:

special thanks to Leo Caviola
Make war only a game!
Keep care of your planet!,
Vote in comment and share now!
Kommander Sigir.