venerdì 22 dicembre 2017

Have a good solstice day humans!

Every species of the galaxy has its own customs, beliefs, and myths.
The most primitive species has always celebrated the passage to the periapsis of their home planet in different ways. Following traditions sometimes really absurd. Just think of the gastropods of Vergon 6 that engage the largest (as useless) mass migration of a sentient species known in this galaxy during this recurrence: They travel an exact turn around their planet only to return to the point of departure.
Or rather unfortunate destinies dictated by evolution as happened to the Jornionians of Sutrano-f that, poor things, can wake up from hibernation one night (the only one on their home planet) every fourteen terrestrial years and do EVERYTHING on their periapsis night (for you would be the solstice day) .. Awake Jornionians are certainly stressed and difficult to date people.
You are not as much unlucky, dear humans, your traditions are not so strange (you are very unlucky from other points of view, for example you can not taste sounds like the Jornionians do, or the fact that you are going quickly towards self-extinction, but this is also your fault).

So: Have a good solstice day humans!, a good passage to perihelion, a merry Christmas and happy new year, ..or whatever you want to call it.
"just another orbit"

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venerdì 27 ottobre 2017

silicon based cell-like life form


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mercoledì 25 ottobre 2017

After K-Rome

We played on Earth, a place populated by strange creatures on the periphery of Orion's arm and they say about us:

" this way the game can be offered to a wide range of players, from the hard and the pure to the newest..."

"...the mechanics have nothing to envy in more mature games and everything is well balanced..."

"...assembling and modifying your ship is something that a passionate of the theme can not fail to appreciate. Reassembling the ship with jigsaws pieces is fun.
The mechanics are well-groomed and is engaging from the start."

here is the link to the original article.
thank you humans.
Sigir W56

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giovedì 5 ottobre 2017

K-Rome 2017

It is known that if the bodies of all of the human beings on planet Earth (a little more than 7 billions) were piled in a single place, the pile would be no taller than a kilometer and no larger than 600 meters. Not so much, all things considered, if we think about the ecological damages you have been able to cause to your planet. A similar case in the Galaxy for sure wasn’t the one of the Malutrasemmites of Joomila 6. This ancient – as much as unlucky – race of the Perseus arm had the misfortune to discover the secret of immortality before discovering space travel or any contraception method. Soon they were devouring one another on their hyper-populated planet.

Fortunately you already are moving your first (albeit uncertain and limping) steps outside your already too polluted atmosphere. To help you do that in the most correct way (that is without going prematurely extinct) the Great Galactic Council sent you this sophisticated device for psycho-recreational development, that is KOLON. 
Yes, sure, a boardgame is not much, but it is the best we could do, balancing our hyper-developed technology and your as hyper-developed primitiveness. Unfortunately, the principles of the Friendship program of the Galactic Council forbid us to interfere with primitive races, so we need you to show your interest toward us, otherwise we will be forced to leave this planet to its less-than-rosy future.
You have a wonderful chance to do play live on SATURDAY 14 OCTOBER (terrestrial calendar) in Via di Torrenova, 39a in the city you call ROME, Italy, (a nation in the boreal hemisphere of the planet you call "Earth", the third orbiting the star known as “Sol”, a really insignificant little yellow star in the middle of the Orion arm).
If you want to see KOLON  (the new generation game of the millennium as well as the most widespread game this side of Laniakea)  up close, you are officially invited to ROME, Via di Torrenova 39a, on SATURDAY 14 OCTOBER! We recommend you to sit up straight and always bring your towel along.
If you have any doubt about how to reach us once on the planet,
 you can find more information HERE.

With the best respect and honorable thanks
 from all of the sentient species in the Galactic Council; 
midshipman SIGIR
Vokiok 71

sabato 26 agosto 2017

K-Isola 2017 Epic Battles

Some time in Orbit battles happens that are worth committing to memory, such as the great battle which took place in Earth orbit (third planet of the star known as “Sun”) the night of the 24th August 2017 (local time). It will be remembered in the Academies of Antares and Betelgeuse as the “earthquake battle” and the name of the winner – the fearsome Admiral “Lady Killer” Greta S. still is one of the most feared in all systems of the Galactic Council (in spite of her being a human). In all civilized systems, rarely there has been a more gruesome battle. Oft times the admirals earned and lost Koins. The last stages were so struggled that every little gain had to be protected with teeth and nails (for those species who have them). I remember it, I was there, I saw everything. 
On our cover there is a depiction of the photo-finish of the game, the epic moment when Admiral “Lady Killer” Greta S., after losing many Koins, earns her last one, finally dominating the Orbit and putting an end to the fight after almost six Devronian months (about two Earth hours) of fire and weapons. The great Admiral Dam “de Monk” Tatuill, who wasn’t involved in the fight but was watching it from the land, said:

“So much obstinacy and stubbornness in a single human I never witnessed, vainly sacrificed was not the life of all those pilots”.

... many people believe that in order to dominate the Orbit you just need the largest fleet or the greatest firepower, but like the best Admiral learned on their own skins, timing and the ability to combine and plan war actions lead Admirals to victory. The disappointment of Admiral Denis the Red” during the “earthquake battle” was great when he saw victory stolen from his slimy tentacles, after building a huge orbital station endowed with exceptional firepower.

This picture shows one of the tensest moment of the game. Admiral Denis “the Red”, in a futile attempt to slow down mining, just detached the largest part of “Lady Killer” Greta’s mining ship from the asteroid with a targeted bombing to its nodes. Richard “the Wonder” seized the moment to mine in turn. Nothing, though, could have stopped “Lady Killer”, who, in the next turn, with a flawless military action, gathered her fleet in the lower orbit and obtained an ultimate and overwhelming victory. 
With astounded, joyous and honorable wishes for a long staying in the cosmos as sentient and unilocated energetic beings,

Ensign Sigir 56